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The idea of developing Doctor’s Medical Supplements arose in the mind of an American trained Medical Doctor-Geneticist eighteen (18) years ago. It was clear in the mind of the founder, that ninety-five percent of the billions of dollars spent each year on Cancer, was toward finding a Cure. It was his belief then that this approach was ill founded, and had not worked for as many years as this approach had been practiced. It was his belief, as it is today that the money spent toward finding a cure for most diseases would be better spent toward Prevention of the Disease.

After many years of research on the subject of various diseases; as a startup, the research and development company, Doctor’s Medical Supplements, was born. From the idea of Disease Prevention our supplements are developed to function toward specific diseases, utilizing Whole Fruits, Vegetable, Nuts, grains and Herbals.

At Doctor’s Medical Supplements, we believe that our approach to prevention starts within the cellular aspect of the diseased cell. Our product is designed to attack specific components of the diseased cell in the body to keep it from developing, or spreading by cutting off the cell’s supply of nutrition, oxygen or blood supply. As a result the diseased cell will die, while the healthy cells will continue to be viable at www.apotheca.cc.

To our knowledge, Doctor’s Medical Supplement is the only company dedicated to research and development of medical supplements designed for a specific disease, with all natural ingredients made from whole fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and herbals.