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Q. Do you sell your medical supplements retail or direct to the customers?

A. Doctor's Medical Supplements are sold directly to the customer from the website on the internet.

Q. Are all of your supplements that made from organically grown ingredients?

A. No, we offer supplements that are made from both organic and conventionally grown fruits, vegetable, grains, nuts, and herbs.

Q. Is Doctor's Medical Supplements a public company?

A. No, Doctor's Medical Supplements is a privately family owned company.

Q. How are your supplements developed?

A. Each supplement is researched, and developed for a specific disease, or health benefits by an American trained Medical Doctor/Geneticist.

Q. Can your supplements be purchased without a Doctor's prescription?

A. Yes, all of our supplements can be purchased without a Doctor's prescription.

Q. Are your supplements made from all natural ingredients?

A. Yes, our supplements are made from all natural fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and herbs.